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March 1, 2009


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There are a lot of young, promising artists here on dA. Some have thousands of pageviews, some have almost none. Regardless, their art is beautiful, proving that talent has no boundaries.

As some of you have previously asked, I have to make some things clear: I feature artworks which I consider as art. It is simply an opinion, to which everyone is entitled to. Therefor, if you have something against it, create a feature yourself rather than flaming others. I believe that it's hard enough to take your time and feature others, I don't need people asking me to conform to every taste.
Another thing would be the age factor. I usually feature artists of 21 and under, but if I find something that knocks my socks off and is a bit bigger than 21, then I'll feature it.
I prefer to feature square art, as it is my favourite, but I also have non-square young features under construction (see my collections for more).

Also, you're free to send me suggestions for featuring, but under a few boundaries:

- you can suggest yourself, only try doing this after you've suggested a fellow deviant. You're not going to help the community if you're just going to feed your ego.
- try to suggest artworks which are in a similar style to the ones I've already featured (as you've noticed, I tend to feature photos/manips, because these are my specialty). Make sure they are of high-quality too.

Therefore, enjoy the works of young artists for the 8th time, and surely not for the last time ;]

Studio Study II by alin-ciortea :thumb93496595: Japa by legolegere :thumb106493798:
keystimulus by is-blind let me copy off you by is-blind the stair monster by cheeesy no more me by amsterdam-jazz
:thumb106903637: por el suelo by piotrzieba .shadow of you by wiersz in the attic by orbatid
Vint by DeniroJeMakaron :thumb76260285: I stiil belive in us by magicofpygmalion Celestial by EvilxElf
:thumb112969191: :thumb108495372: L'Importante E Finire by sophonisba Varvara by KARRR
Beloved X by Tenshi-Ayane backbone by Elipa :thumb58744528: :thumb100280073:
Last day of butterfly by Gloredel Gosia 10 by altowiolistka 42354ewd by tugbaakdag Spirits of December_close-up by KatjaFaith
:thumb111598273: you sold your soul to the evil by ohsophisticated h_e by gnato Mrs Absent by kalosz
And Away They Go by CameraDude so let me go by AlicjaRodzik kwadrat by betiti
freedom symphony by utopic-man It Was A Snowy Night by MartinStranka waiting for. by BloodyFeet Sway encore by iNeedChemicalX
:thumb109444912: baby vrack by BenoitPaille - by BlackDennie
chii by ChuTuliu protection. by goodbyejulia -301- by rainris Jean-Jacque meunier 63 ans 2 by BenoitPaille
yureginin goturdugu yere by uniquealim :thumb113714608: we - psixa and asfo by PsixOdino4ka ::: Leaf me ::: by ElbsFootsteps
datunsky_ by asfo Drunkenness by ANTONINA-art Laziness by ANTONINA-art iouiou by asfo

Antonietta II by MissElain :thumb97096963: Nous ne sommes pas ce que by BenoitPaille 6 by BenoitPaille
Mariane by spindl metamorphosis by SuzyTheButcher :thumb46080619: Carne sobre carne by noMirar
untitled by KARRR Sexy Boy by kosmodisk :thumb111874656: a little sweet addiciton by kalosz
La Generosa by MarianaPalova travellin light by curlytops trip.. by BloodyKissesLady IV by Brungilda
miura by raineese :thumb111913324: :thumb109680267: coma by NoirFeu
violet by quadratiges once more with feeling by rosiehardy :thumb104200717: before dawn. by andyp89
Den Skjulte Side by Justasmallcrime Captain's wife by dim-baida Stratosphere by eckyducky elf by ChuTuliu
Post Mortem Selfportrait by Inf3ctedDoll Mur by sakiryildirim when I dream.. by gloeckchen red is my name by kalosz

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Young art. part eightby Cigaroh

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DarknessRa Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2009
:wow: amazing features!
x-escapevelocity-x Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
very nice collection :D
w-p Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2009
true Art. great collection.
tinylady Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2009
poetic features, great choices.
Rosetintedview Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009
beautiful feature, I really admire this people because i'm young too :)
cheeesy Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009
:heart: thank you for the feature
MarianaPalova Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for the place between those great pieces! :)
Stripp Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009
Your features are always the best. XO
happymouse666 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009  Professional General Artist
That was fun. Thanks for the cigar Rocky!!:peace:
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