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September 2, 2009


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There are a lot of young, promising artists here on dA. Some have thousands of pageviews, some have almost none. Regardless, their art is beautiful, proving that talent has no boundaries.

Please read before flaming!!!
- As some of you have previously asked, I have to make some things clear: I feature artworks which I consider as art. It is simply an opinion, to which everyone is entitled to. Therefor, if you have something against it, create a feature yourself rather than flaming others. I believe that it's hard enough to take your time and feature others, I don't need people asking me to conform to every taste.
- Currently I am featuring photography and photomanipulation because this is my specialty and I have no time to invest in features in other mediums at the moment. I wouldn't mind if you'd make a feature yourself though, I'd gladly link to it in future young art features. So please, do not come in the photography news section demanding another genre to be featured...
- Another thing would be the age factor. I usually feature artists of 21 and under, but if I find something that knocks my socks off and is a bit bigger than 21, then I'll feature it.
- This is not a restricted square feature!! I have prepared non-square artworks for featuring too, only I like to group them in such a way that the whole presentation is pleasant to look at. The artworks that are to be included into future young-art features are in my collections. You'll see that I have included non-square pieces as well. (see my collections for more).

Also, you're free to send me suggestions for featuring, but under a few boundaries:

- you can suggest yourself, only try doing this after you've suggested a fellow deviant. You're not going to help the community if you're just going to feed your ego.
- try to suggest artworks which are in a similar style to the ones I've already featured (as you've noticed, I tend to feature photos/manips, because these are my specialty). Make sure they are of high-quality too.
- Also, it has happened that I have received feature suggestions of art that has already been featured. Of course, I cannot repeat a feature but feel free to send me more than one work from a suggested artist.

Therefor, enjoy the works of young artists for the 9th time, and surely not for the last time ;]

the farewell was late by KalbiCamdan Fleeing Nagasaki 1945 by xanshabib ruin by HarizmaArt feel so low by MCR-black
Without words 02 by andreydubinin :thumb133849488: protect me from what i want by quadratiges
dreamland... by Yokofashion Honeybee by iNeedChemicalX :thumb113312611: :thumb120906553:
as time goes by by babyinblue ... by alex-malex :thumb132836342: :thumb122031876:
The Wind by babyinblue :thumb106032772: Z rozmlacenyho kostela by Silecia I was lying. by gloeckchen
Girl on the chair by psychiatrique the gate by SevimDalan f n_q by gnato Back to Genesis by alexandrajitariuc
:thumb135147346: :thumb128028228: :thumb118622163: We're all big cats here. by LittleSilverBones
Pleasure of Domination by FurtiveLungs SETH b+w by Sorenquist last one... by gnato '-, by immugraah
:thumb117583148: :thumb109056078: :thumb117502510: autumn by miamojolene

Temptation by cooledition the sin II by devllaa SPIDERS by Cunegonda derinruya by yokhicolmadi
one way to wonderland II by RUN4W4Y leaving... by photoflake Macuerna Cactacea. by MarianaPalova
Basic Elements: Fear by KatjaFaith :thumb89824191: green memories by gnato Blue Room by Griet-pearl
sleep. by aanaliza One last time by FreakyBabe preparation by kaunau
deep stillness by nekrasovatanya :thumb116344087: Synesthesia by Julie-de-Waroquier The trip by Julie-de-Waroquier
Perspective Squarecase by alltelleringet :thumb81846960: viktor10 by shapovalov about rain by soono
Blossom by Furrrka Shake The Wall by shesaghost :thumb120890509: India by kosmodisk
Waiting still by mariae Graceful Times by soulofautumn87 mush of snow. by whiteviolet turn around by M0rt
:thumb102272572: lick my spine by kaunau The grace within our hearts by evenz lightly by DeaSybelle

Be sure to check the previous features at the bottom of my dA page (the submitted news section).

Young art. part Cigaroh

Journals / Art Features©2009-2014 Cigaroh
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Uzume666777333 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009
Very nice feature.^^
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Thanks SO much for this! it's really hard to find great work in masses during a simple keyword search! LOVE!
srag Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the best raccoon on DA delivers once again :clap:
beautiful feature...
Mohain Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2009
Great article :)
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great selection!!! :)
evenz Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2009
Thank you :)
SpookyChan Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2009  Professional General Artist
excellent finds and article! This are all very beautiful!
Also happy that i'm already following a lot of these artists too!
diveInto Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009
thank you :heart:
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beautiful selection :heart:
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